Monthly Archives: October 2008

Good morning, Korea.

It’s no surprise to me that I finally created this blog and wrote the first post at 4 o’clock on a very early Friday morning. I was surprised, though, when I looked out my window, stuck my head out in fact, and saw stars in the sky. I went to the roof to take the photo you see here, thoroughly chilling my body in the process. This is a good time for me, this hour, with everything still dark and quiet, though I’m not sure how I’ll reconcile it with the rest of my day. If only I could take a siesta after lunch. I long for the life in which this is an everyday occurrence.

But I’m in Korea, where adults and students alike are overworked from morning until night, with hardly any time leftover. Being an American here, I am able to escape this part of the culture — but I wonder for how long. I wonder if I will slowly start to take on more: more work at school, more work after school, another class (perhaps taekwondo twice a week) in addition to my Korean language once a week, perhaps a gym membership, and then, of course, there’s the infamous Private Lesson. I’m holding all of this at bay for now. Time, I think, is more important.